Coffee table Sara Wright Polmar, 2017
SEK 7 679,00
Cobalt blue
Designer Sara Wright Polmar
Design year: 2017
Assembly guide: Secant
Dimensions in cm: Ø60 x H45
Colour: Cobalt blue
Frame: Cobalt Blue powder coat steel
Top: Cobalt blue glass
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Secant coffee table illustration
Elegant coffee table that combines a sculptural metal frame with a coloured glass top, specially selected marble or Norwegian granite. Secant comes in two sizes and in a design that makes the table appear light and substantial at one and the same time. The special signature of the coffee table is its elegant finish where soft curves are contrasted by a straight line. Secant is a coffee table with personality and its aesthetics and exclusive material choice embellish its surroundings and make a statement in your living room. This table is of international calibre and comes in many different combinations, which makes it possible to create anything from a consistent harmonious look to a more bold statement. Choose between several sizes and exclusive materials. From glass tops in wonderful colours to marble and granite offering the most stunning colour play. The use of natural stone means that no two tables are alike. The metal frame comes in several exquisite colours from the Warm Nordic universe.
Secant table in cobalt blue by a light pink Haven lounge chair.
Sara Wright Polmar
For Sara Wright Polmar, design is naturally associated with feelings, and this Norwegian designer is very conscious about making a positive impression on the world. With her dedication to beautiful materials, form, texture and, in particular, colours, Sara Wright Polmar carries on the Nordic tradition of craftsmanship with an innate warmth and authenticity.
Sara Wright Polmar