Desk, 180cm, oiled walnut Isabel Ahm, 2014
SEK 49 599,00
Rúna, , inspiration
Designer Isabel Ahm
Material: Oiled solid walnut
Design year: 2014
Assembly guide: Rúna
Dimensions in cm: L180 x W90 x H75
Colour: Walnut
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Rúna dining table illustration
Timeless desk with a poetic idiom and a neat little drawer. With its pure and classic design, Rúna creates a space around itself and boosts your entire interior design whether the desk is placed in a living room with stucco-ceiling or in a modern office. The table is made of solid wood and acquires its beautifully distinctive character from consummate handcrafted details, including the rounded edges along the sides of the dining table and the trumpet-shaped legs that unfold against the tabletop. The elegant desk drawer can be used to keep office supplies, paper and letters. The table is also perfect as a dining table, where the elegant drawer in the Runá table can be used for keeping place mats, napkins and other decorative items for the table setting. The talented Danish designer Isabel Ahm found inspiration for the table in the secretive ambience and poetry found in the Nordic forests at dusk; indeed, Rúna shares the same enigmatic trait. The table is made of dark wood types of the highest quality. Choose between several beautiful, classic finishes.
Rúna, , environment
Isabel Ahm
Isabel Ahm embarks on every design with studies of people and everyday life, combined with innovation and aesthetics. In her original furniture and product designs, Isabel Ahm embraces everyday habits and needs. Each and every object beautifully fulfils its role and its unique potential in an interior. As a child of the Danish design tradition, for Isabel Ahm quality, functionality, poetry and that little touch of something extra are essential.
Isabel Ahm