Designer Knud Færch

Even when he was very young, when he joined his father in his carpentry workshop and furniture shop, the scent of wood and the effects of aesthetics made an impression on Knud Færch. The fascination led Knud Færch to study interior design and a landmark meeting with Finn Juhl. The Danish architect taught furniture design and inspired Knud Færch to forge his own flourishing career as a furniture designer in the 1950s and 1960s. Knud Færch’s furniture design comprises sculptural masterpieces in wood, and throughout his life he returned to the chair as a design object. As far as Knud Færch was concerned, a chair was a sculpture, which unlike any other item of furniture defines a room, and he made it his mission to combine timeless design with optimum seating comfort. In consultation with Knud Færch’s family, Warm Nordic is upholding the legacy of this great furniture designer and will regularly launch more House of Knud Færch iconic designs.