The sustainable material Re-plast has been created in a collaboration between Carlsberg and the company Re-Plastic. As the name clearly indicates, the material is made from recycled plastic using Carlsberg's disposable kegs, which has been upcycled to the robust and environmentally friendly material Re-plast. When Carlsberg’s kegs are empty, they cannot be disposed or sorted as ordinary plastic. Therefore, the kegs end up as plastic waste that no longer benefit the company and they become an environmental concern. Instead, they are now brought to life again in the form of the sustainable material Re-plast available in Warm Nordic's collection of contemporary design.

Repeat shelf
Replast kegs

Re-plast at Warm Nordic

By the time when the kegs are ending their days at Carlsberg, they undergo a process to become this recycled material. They are washed and pulverized into small flakes that are then heat-pressed into sheets. The result is an eco-friendly material that can be used for seats and tabletops among other furniture parts, and Re-plast therefore facilitate the possibility for Warm Nordic to create these new and more sustainable designs. In Warm Nordics collection of contemporary designs, you can find two sustainable versions of our modern and beloved designs: the bar stool Pebble and the Herringbone console table, which are made with seat and tabletop in Re-plast.

Pebble Re-plast

The bar stool Pebble Re-plast is a sustainable version of the original Pebble bar stool, designed by Welling/Ludwik for Warm Nordic. The bar stool appears light and elegant with its pure and Nordic design balancing on its three legs in black lacquered metal. As the Pebble-Replast is available in several heights you can use it for many different purposes. Use it as an extra space at the dining table, as a side table or as a decorative piece of furniture with a good story. The tall model is ideal for festive moments with drinks and snacks at the bar table or for a quick cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

Herringbone Re-plast

The Herringbone Re-plast console table is an elegant and classic piece of furniture, that will fit into any room in the home whether it is a modern house or a classic and romantic apartment. The light and black metal frame beautifully embraces the sustainable Re-plast tabletop. This environmentally friendly version of the Herringbone table will be a decorative design in the hallway with a lamp or a mirror above, where it can provide extra space for keys and the daily newspaper. But the console table will look just as beautiful and modern in the living room with fresh flowers, magazines or with a decorative still life. For a complete and contemporary look, the Herringbone Re-plast and the Pebble Re-plast can be placed together as a sustainable set that will fit perfect in a small kitchen for the quick morning coffee.

Rúna desk
Material with unique finish

The designs in Re-plast are true to their original designs, but has been brought into the present, where the focus on sustainability and the environment has become a central part of our everyday lives and effect our relationship with the things we buy and put into our homes. Re-plast is characterized by its special and unique look with color variations and with natural irregularities in its surface texture, which makes each piece of furniture in Re-plast unique. Therefore, Re-plast appears as a material with a history that will be a real eye-catcher and draw attention in any home.

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