The Orange chair, 1955

The Orange is a classic armchair designed by the Danish architect Hans Olsen in 1955. The Orange chair from Hans Olsen’s hand is one of the earliest known shell chairs and acquired its name because of its characteristic back and seat, which are reminiscent of orange peel. Reflecting both the era’s experiments with colour and the architect’s own playful attitude to design, this upholstered shell chair is also available in a two-tone version.

With The Orange chair, you can customize the design to your own personal style. The armchair comes in oak, smoked oak or black lacquered beech in either raw wood or with upholstery on the seat and back. Choose between exclusive leather and many different colors and fabrics from Kvadrat.

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Fried Egg chair, 1956

Fried Egg is a unique asymmetrical armchair, designed by Hans Olsen in 1956. The chair was relaunched for the first time in 2018 by Warm Nordic in close collaboration with Hans Olsen's descendants. Due to Fried Egg's characteristic shape, this roomy, comfortable chair was christened ‘Fried Egg’, because that is what it looks like when viewed from above. The flat armrests invite you to swing your legs nonchalantly up on them when you really feel like relaxing.

To facilitate the ultimate flexibility when it comes to interior design, Fried Egg is available in both a right-hand and a left-hand version. This also makes it possible to create a lounge corner with two armchairs mirroring each other, thereby creating a perfect spot for long, relaxed conversations.

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Fried Egg
Mr. Olsen chair, 1958

A spacious armchair in classic design, named after the designer himself. The soft Mr. The Olsen armchair was originally designed in 1958 by Danish Hans Olsen, who experimented with original furniture design. The armchair was part of the 800 series and is the architect's personal version of the classic armchair. As such, the design captures the zeitgeist of the 50s, where experimentation, courage and craftsmanship led to world-class furniture art.

The Mr Olsen series has been specially selected for the Warm Nordic range as a tribute to iconic Nordic design that invests modern décor with invaluable diversity and depth.

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Dwell chair, 1958

The Dwell lounge chair has a light and elegant design with armrests in an organic design that invites you to settle into the chair. While the lounge chair is a beautiful design element in itself, it is just as elegant as part of a bigger conversation grouping: for example, accompanied by the sofa in the same timeless design.

The Dwell series was designed by the architect Hans Olsen in the 50s and is today available in many different fabrics and exclusive leather variants that allow you to provide the design with a personal touch so that it fits into the unique interior.

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Lean Back chair, 1957

The Danish-designed Lean Back armchair from 1957 was created by the renowned furniture architect Arne Hovmand-Olsen. A classic 50s armchair with armrests and sublime comfort. The armchair is available in solid white-oiled oak or teak wood with soft cushions for both seat and back. The armrest is elegantly designed and has a soft sway that ensures good support when sitting in the chair.

As a special quality in the design, the Lean Back chair is beautiful from all angles, so it can stand freely in the room, for example as part of a sofa arrangement or a cozy lounge.

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