An inspiring

Create a comfortable room that makes working from home easy and convenient. With good storage solutions, quality furniture with high comfort and the right lighting, the office can become an inspiring place where it is easy to stay focused and keep your motivation high.

Organise books, folders and office supplies, e.g. with our Repeat shelves in a beautiful graphical pattern. The shelves can be put together for an elegant shelving unit in the size that matches your storage needs. The shelves are available in four colours and in a left and right variant.

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Repeat shelf
Exclusive desk
in solid oak

The beautiful Rúna desk is perfect for the small home office. The table is designed by Danish Isabel Ahm with inspiration from the Nordic forests and in an organic design with soft lines and a smooth surface. The desk is available in solid oak, teak oiled or smoked oak.

At Warm Nordic we are working with natural materials of the highest quality with a long-term and sustainable persective in mind. Woods with classic surface treatments can withstand daily use and will only be more beautiful with time.

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Rúna desk
Elegant storage

The Rúna desk comes with a spacious drawer which is beautifully integrated into the table. A good storage solution for utencils, papers and book that need to be within reach. With its pure design and warm natural materials, Rúna creates a space around itself and boosts your entire interior design whether the desk is placed in a living room with stucco-ceiling or in a modern office.

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Rúna desk
Spacious cabinet in
french cane and oak

The spacious Be My Guest cabinet is an elegant piece of furniture that will make the office an inspiring workroom. The cabinet has two rooms separated by a glass shelf and plenty of space for things that need to be easily accessible. The height of the cabinet provides space for displaying books, plants and ornaments on top as a kind of still life, thereby enhancing its charm. With its classic design and touch of modern lightness and sophistication, the Be My Guest cabinet will look perfect in any contemporary interior.

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Be My Guest cabinet

Sophisticated lighting

In our selection of table lamps you''ll find high quality lamps designed by Danish Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen and Swedish Hans-Agne Jakobsson. The two light masters had a unique approach to lighting design with outstanding craftmanship and an ability to unite aesthetics and functionality.

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Sculptural and classic table lamps

It is important to have a desk light that matches your needs. Whether it is working on the laptop, reading or crafting, the light should help create a pleasant work environment. In our great selection of designer lamps, you'll find both sculptural table lamps with an indirect light, perfect beside the laptop, but also more flexible lamps, that can be turned in the desired direction, which is great for reading or paper work.

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Luxurious comfort

Gesture Lounge Chair in lambskin is a luxurious lounge chair that will stand beautifully in a corner of the office, perfect for a break from the to-do-list of the day, or as a more laid-back place for immersion and reading. The chair is designed by Danish Hans Olsen in the 50's and is also available as a dining chair, which can be used as an office chair for the desk.

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Gesture Lounge Chair

The details matter

Don't forget the details.. It is worth your while to make the office cosy and inviting, especially if spending many hours at the desk. In our collection there is a wide range of classic home decor with a timeless and elegant expression, designed by Nordic designers.

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Enigma cabinet
Beak Bird decoration