Herringbone tile dining table in pure white colour

Herringbone Tile

Dining table Charlotte Høncke, 2017
SEK 43 199,00
Pure white
Herringbone Tile, , inspiration
Herringbone Tile
Designer Charlotte Høncke
Design year: 2017
Assembly guide: Herringbone Tile
Dimensions in cm: L203 x W107 x H74
Colour: Pure white
Frame: Soft black powder coated steel
Top: Pure white ceramic
Edge: Soft black powder coated steel
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Herringbone dining table illustration
Herringbone Tile
Exclusive dining table with tiles in elegant herringbone pattern and coloured metal frame for a modern look. The design is inspired by the traditional tile-topped table and has been brought into the present with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The Herringbone Tile dining table captures the kitchen, eat-in kitchen or dining room with class, modern charm and elegance. Style and functionality go hand in hand as hot pans, dishes and other hot objects can be placed directly on the dining table. The beautiful tiles are laid by hand in Denmark and together with the metal frame, they create a level surface on the tile-topped table that brings the elegance of the classic herringbone pattern into the modern home. The high-quality joints ensure that they do not absorb dirt and liquid such as wine, oil or vinegar so the dining table always looks beautiful. Choose between frames and tiles in several stunning colours from the Warm Nordic universe to match any request for either a simple or more colourful look.
Herringbone Tile, , environment
Charlotte Høncke
It is the details that make Charlotte Høncke’s design stand out. One of this Danish designer’s great passions is upholstered furniture, in which original stitching, colour scheme or a surprising shape arouses our curiosity. In Charlotte Høncke’s designs, richness of detail co-exists with pure shapes and lines, while taking functionality into careful consideration.
Charlotte Høncke