Set of 3 Studio Føy, 2017
NOK 999,00
Set colours
Stack, , inspiration
Designer Studio Føy
Material: Mouth blown glass
Design year: 2017
Diameter: 7
Colour: Set colours
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Stack set
Elegant tea lights and vases in beautifully coloured mouth-blown glass with an organic, playful look. Stack comprises an elegant vase and tealights in two sizes, which can be stacked on top of each other according to your mood and the occasion. That means that Stack contains an abundance of beautiful stories, which take shape as you stack and arrange the parts in a sensuous still life, using candles and flowers and delicate branches from the garden. The combination of various sizes and colours results in a personal expression for decorating a dining table, sideboard or window ledge. The Stack tea lights can be combined with the beautiful little vase in the same range. Choose from a vase and tea lights in two different heights, which elegantly complement each other. The tea lights and vases come in carefully selected Warm Nordic shades of coloured mouth-blown glass.
Stack, , environment
Studio Føy
To create vibrant, authentic products with value for the owner: that is the mission of the two talented Norwegian designers who make up Studio Føy. The Norwegian magazine Bo Bedre has already awarded them their first design prize. In close collaboration, Guro Sørbø Midtun and Siri Line create narrative designs: objects, whose usefulness makes them irresistible. Studio Føy aims to create designs, whose authenticity and beauty will last for years to come.
Studio Føy