Parade shelving unit in warm white with three shelves.


Shelving unit, 3 shelves Morten & Jonas, 2017
NOK 6 719,00
Warm white
Designer Morten & Jonas
Material: Warm white powder coated steel
Design year: 2017
Assembly guide: Parade
Dimensions in cm: L100 x D30 x H104
Colour: Warm white
Shelf: 3 pcs
Max Weight: 13 kg
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Parade illustration
Elegant metal shelving unit with plenty of space for all your favourite possessions. Parade is perfect for putting your belongings on display with the shelving unit serving as a beautiful frame. It comes either as a complete shelving unit or as an extended version with extra shelves, inspired by 1960s-style wooden shelves or luggage racks on trains, with the same lightweight idiom and functionality. This means that Parade can be used in an infinite number of ways: from the stylish storage of teapot, cups and plates in the kitchen to the display of books, pretty vases and green plants in the living room, or as an elegantly lightweight hat rack in the hallway. With the choice of colour you can either tone down the look or allow the Parade shelving unit to play a major role in your interior. Choose from several beautiful Warm Nordic shades. The shelving comes either as a complete shelving unit with three shelves or as individual shelves. The shelves can be combined with an extension to extend your Parade.
Parade shelving unit in warm white with three shelves.
Morten & Jonas
Together, Morten Skjærpe Knarrum (1980) and Jonas Norheim (1980) are the design partnership of Morten & Jonas. The humorous, playful element in their innovative creations is rooted in an exceptional awareness of design, quality and significant details.
Morten & Jonas