Display cabinet Rikke Frost, 2017
NOK 39 999,00
Soft black
Enigma display cabinet together with Gesture Chair
Designer Rikke Frost
Material: Powder coated steel, glass
Design year: 2017
Assembly guide: Enigma
Dimensions in cm: W49 x D49 x H180
Colour: Soft black
Shelf: 2 in glass
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Enigma, , specifications
An elegant glass display cabinet with a timeless design and a beautiful combination of metal and glass. Enigma is perfect for displaying and highlighting your most cherished possessions behind a glass shield. While an elegant feature in any living room, it would also lend an extravagant touch to the bedroom. The talented Danish designer, Rikke Frost takes a fresh look at the glass display cabinet, transforming it from a utility item into an artistic experience. The overall design concept of Enigma is to present its contents in a fragmented way, investing the classic glass display cabinet with an enigmatic, artistic character and innovative relevance. The metal grid was inspired by traditional glazing techniques, in which lead soldering is used. Its playful use of shadows and transparency tickles our curiosity: you can only just make out the outlines of the items displayed behind the glass. The combination with powder painted metal lends the Enigma glass display cabinet a touch of modern elegance.
Enigma display cabinet close up
Rikke Frost
The desire to create a unique experience plays a key role in the Danish designer, Rikke Frost’s design process. This award-winning industrial designer creates design objects to be seen, sensed and felt. By contrasting different materials and with her sense of their visual and tactile properties, Rikke Frost produces complete universes with an original idiom.
Rikke Frost