Carved Wood Tray

Oval, walnut Welling/Ludvik, 2017
NOK 1 699,00
Carved Wood Tray
Designer Welling/Ludvik
Material: Oiled solid walnut
Design year: 2017
Dimensions: L40 x W20 x H3
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Carved wood tray illustration
Carved Wood Tray
Exquisite wooden trays with an organic design and understated elegance. The Carved Wood trays are made of solid wood, exuding an exclusivity that makes them a beautiful bed for fruit, vegetables and nuts, an elegant design element in a still life with jewels, vases and bits and bobs from nature, or for afternoon tea on the patio. No two Carved Wood trays are alike in the wooden structure. The beautiful curved edge on the inside of the tray was created using traditional wood carving techniques with a modern aesthetic and design and a feeling for authenticity in mind. The carving plays a major role in the tray’s tactile properties, while the simple, organic design accentuates the innate beauty and unique character of the wood. Carved Wood is available as a classic round tray in solid oiled oak and in a rectangular version in solid oiled walnut.
Round carved wood tray
Using modern materials and production techniques, Welling/Ludvik inject new life into the virtues, for which Nordic design and craftsmanship are world-renowned: high quality, formidable craftsmanship and timeless expression. The design duo comprises the Dane, Hee Welling and the Icelander, Gudmundur Ludvik, who in parallel to their individual design activities, together look for new perspectives and sustainable solutions.