Dining table Halskov & Dalsgaard, 2020
NOK 25 599,00
Light Green
Affinity, , inspiration
Designer Halskov & Dalsgaard
Design year: 2020
Dimensions in cm: Ø120 x H74
Colour: Light Green
Frame: Powder coated steel, Cane
Top: Linoleum
Collection: Contemporary
Affinity, , specifications
Elegant round dining table with a linoleum top and a warm, relevant design. The round shape creates a lovely sense of connectedness, encouraging conversation and togetherness when family and friends gather round the table for a meal or to enjoy a simple cup of coffee. The metal underframe lends the Affinity Table Round an elegant lightness, accentuated by the floating appearance of the table top. The natural linoleum means the table top is pleasant to the touch. That warm tactile expression is further underpinned by the fact that the upper part of the table legs is wrapped in flat cane (strong shavings from the inner pith of the rattan palm). It is an elegant natural detail that contrasts beautifully with the rigid underframe and the classic/modern character of the table and its reference to Scandinavian design tradition. Choose from several beautiful, balanced colours from the Warm Nordic universe.
Affinity, , environment
Halskov & Dalsgaard
This award-winning duo shares an on-going quest for functionality and innovative solutions that transform everyday objects into design objects. Halskov & Dalsgaard’s designs emerge from great creativity, an urge to create and a sense of design and aesthetics, which are evident even in their more industrial design. In addition to their background as industrial designers, Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard are also both trained architects with an evident awareness of history. Together with international trends and references, elements from the Scandinavian design tradition creep into their designs in every aspect: from materials to lines and colours.
Halskov & Dalsgaard