Shelf, right unit Welling/Ludvik, 2017
€ 169,00
Black noir
Designer Welling/Ludvik
Material: Black noir powder coated alu
Design year: 2017
Assembly guide: Repeat
Dimensions in cm: W60 x D23 x H26
Colour: Black noir
Collection: Contemporary Collection
Repeat right illustration
Flexible shelf unit that can be mounted on the wall and offers endless possibilities for simple and elegant storage no matter the size. Repeat comes as a right and left unit, both having two staggered shelves. The modules can be used individually for storage in the hallway, bathroom and nursery or combined to cover half or whole walls in the living room with graphical patterns. The Repeat shelf unit is made of powder-coated aluminium. Different colours make it possibly to play with the expression of the setup, from a monochrome, minimalist look to a bolder and more colourful version that accentuates the dynamics of the Repeat shelf unit. Choose between several carefully selected Warm Nordic colours.
Repeat shelf in black noir, right unit
Using modern materials and production techniques, Welling/Ludvik inject new life into the virtues, for which Nordic design and craftsmanship are world-renowned: high quality, formidable craftsmanship and timeless expression. The design duo comprises the Dane, Hee Welling and the Icelander, Gudmundur Ludvik, who in parallel to their individual design activities, together look for new perspectives and sustainable solutions.