Pebble Re-plast

Bar stool, 76 cm, three legs Welling/Ludvik, 2018
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Green olive
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Pebble Re-plast, , inspiration
Pebble Re-plast
Designer Welling/Ludvik
Design year: 2018
Assembly guide: Pebble Re-plast
Colour: Green olive
Pebble bar stool illustration
Pebble Re-plast
In its own way, this sustainable version of the Pebble bar stool was inspired by nature, featuring as it does a seat made of the environmentally friendly material Re-plast. The material comes from disposable kegs that cannot be disposed of or sorted as ordinary plastic. So, the kegs are recycled to produce this new material, which facilitates the manufacture of new, more sustainable furniture. Faithful to the original, Pebble Re-plast features a metal frame and a light, simple design, while the Re-plast surface of the seat has natural irregularities in its surface texture and colour variations, both of which are the material's hallmarks. The bar stools come in several heights, perfect for a quick cup of coffee at the kitchen table, drinks and snacks at the bar or as extra seating at the dining table. The brains behind this pure Scandinavian design are Welling/Ludvik. When designing Pebble, they strove to create a pure item of seating with honesty in terms of materials and structure.
Pebble Re-plast, , environment
Using modern materials and production techniques, Welling/Ludvik inject new life into the virtues, for which Nordic design and craftsmanship are world-renowned: high quality, formidable craftsmanship and timeless expression. The design duo comprises the Dane, Hee Welling and the Icelander, Gudmundur Ludvik, who in parallel to their individual design activities, together look for new perspectives and sustainable solutions.