Designer Jacob Hermann

Jacob Hermann possessed an innate love of wood and craftsmanship and pursued this love throughout his life. He was always open to change and used his multi-faceted talents to explore. By his own account, he was born on a farm at Viborg and was a silver medal-winning carpenter’s apprentice in the same area before graduating as a furniture designer from the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen and studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. At the Academy, Jacob Hermann refined his talent for drawing and painting and shared his knowledge with several other trend-setting Danish designers from the mid-20th century. During the course of life, Jacob Hermann also built several houses for his family with his own hands. As a passionate carpenter, he always returned to wood and proud craftsmanship. With respect, Jacob Hermann fashioned, and captured the essence of everything from the tiniest morsel of wood to the hugest chunk of driftwood.