Use beautiful and clear colours to create an interior decoration that provides happiness and draws attention. Leading trend spotters in Scandinavia have yet again chosen the bright yellow colours to be one of the biggest colour trends for 2022.

The light and iconic Opal Shade pendant was created by the renowned designer Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen in 1954. In the bright Illuminating Yellow, it is effortlessly brought up to date and will surely create a trendy home while shining a ray of strong optimism and positivity upon your home.

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In the busy everyday life, we crave natural and authentic materials that ooze calmness and quality. Natural and durable materials like wood, leather, wool, and linoleum can be found in a variety of beautiful colours and combinations, but at their core, they uncover vitality and connects us with the surrounding nature.

With a linoleum tabletop, the Affinity dining table has a warm and inviting design, that provides a relaxed atmosphere for the daily meals, while the organic linoleum creates the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality.

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Sculptural furniture invites us to admire them, while they challenge and take our breath away using harmonious combinations of clean, sharp lines and soft, organic curves. We believe that great design is manifested when it appeals to all our senses and inspires aesthetic experiences. Tactile design revolves around picking materials that appeal to our senses while creating an inviting atmosphere. Use your senses to experience Hans Olsen’s iconic Fried Egg lounge chair in bouclé which uses a soft and curly texture to highlight the design’s warm and playful lines.


Inspired by the minimalistic way of life we will surround ourselves even more with a few quality items that include further functions. We will downscale and invest in furniture that encourages a larger sense of flexibility.

For most of us, the office has moved inside the four walls that make the home. Today there's a need for furniture that makes room for both work and private life. The Rùna table is available in two sizes that can easily be incorporated into both the home office and the dining room. In the Rùna desk, the beautifully integrated drawer makes it possible to store to-do lists when the workday is over.

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Countless people experience a greater desire to surround themselves with meaningful furniture and design with history. When we invest in good design, we therefore require impeccable materials and quality.

French cane reminds us of past traditions while it represents crafts, quality, and the fact that good things take time. Nature and texture come beautifully together in French cane creating warmth and adding a tactile and sensuous feeling to the interior design. The spacious and elegantly composed sideboard with French cane from the Be My Guest series is a modern design that possesses a distinct lightness and harmony.

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At Warm Nordic, we have embraced French cane in classical as well as contemporary designs in a harmonious union of tradition, modern trends, and quality.

The light Surfboard coffee table was designed in 1959 by Arne Hovmand-Olsen, who nurtured a fascination for wood and the accompanying craftsmanship. With the French cane shelf, the Surfboard design is added new dimensions of functionality and aesthetics. The light and sensuous French cane renews the design and highlights its elegance and integrated lightness.

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Preserving the environment and nature is a vital part of our everyday life and the way we adjust ourselves. When we invest in a new design, we therefore highly request that the materials and quality protect our surroundings.

When it comes to design and interior it’s a focal point that we surround ourselves with colours from nature’s harmonious colour palette and sustainable materials. We strive to create design with high viability that can be handed down and last through generations. In our design universe, you can find a wide selection of sustainable materials. The Re-plast series is created with reused plastic, which adds a unique finish to the design.

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