The Fried Egg sofa is an exclusive design that features the same idiom and line as Hans Olsen’s iconic armchair, the affectionately-nicknamed ‘Fried Egg’. But, whereas the main feature of the armchair is its asymmetry, the sofa brings together the playful lines in a friendly, well-balanced design, inviting you to get cosy and recline.


As a tribute to the 1950s’ adoration of colour and love of teak, the sofa is made with elegant teakwood and exclusive textiles in carefully selected colours from the Warm Nordic universe. Choose from simple self-coloured variants or two-coloured versions, that add a touch of playfulness to the design. Among the variants you will also find a version in soft, luxurious lambskin and sustainable textiles made from recycled plastic and reused wool. Of course, in the same high quality that characterise all of our designs.


Hans Olsen’s (1919-1992) remarkable designs from the 1950s are vivid examples of the beautiful diversity of Danish Modernism. This Danish architect and industrial designer took on the classic virtues of the Academy of Fine Arts and the great master, Kaare Klint, but opted for a more playful and experimental approach to furniture design. Hans Olsen challenged contemporary production methods and much of his inspiration came from the opportunities offered by moulding wood.

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Hans Olsen