Dwell is a new series consisting of an elegant sofa and a classic lounge chair with an extraordinary 50's design. The series was designed back in 1956 by the Danish architect Hans Olsen and has been specially selected for the Warm Nordic range as a tribute to iconic Nordic design, which adds such invaluable diversity and depth to modern interior design.


The Dwell Sofa is recognisable for its light, accommodating design, which has a timeless appeal. The sofa features an eternal 50s design with armrests that invite you simply to remain - or ‘dwell’ - in the sofa. The design comes in several versions: everything from classic leather to a lighter appearance with fabric, including the popular bouclé that lends an extra touch of character to the self-coloured sofa.


"A classic design with modern appeal"

Simple elegance

The Dwell lounge chair is a beautiful design element in itself, and just as elegant as part of a bigger conversation grouping: for example, accompanied by the sofa in the same timeless design. The chair comes in many colours and textiles that match both classic and modern styles. A special and bold variant is the two-tone version where the body and seat cushion are in different colours – a creative solution that Hans Olsen was fond of utilising.

The Dwell series lands in our webshop and stores in the Spring.