About Warm Nordic

About Warm Nordic


With timeless Nordic design as our foundation, Warm Nordic is based on the sustainable idea of that great design can be passed down through generations. From the design classics of the 50s and 60s to new long-lasting designs of the highest quality. Created with equal amounts of respect for the past and the future.

Warm Nordic combines design visions and Nordic spirit with responsible production and constant awareness of the environment. We have always worked to minimise our environmental footprint and continuously focus on creating improvements at all stages – from raw materials and packaging to energy consumption, recycling and transport.
We endeavour to constantly develop in an even more responsible and sustainable direction, and based on Warm Nordic’s Code of Conduct, we commit both ourselves and our partners through supplier requirements, expectations of responsibility and ambitions for a green tomorrow.

Warm Nordic selects both raw materials, suppliers and partners with great care, and our ambition is to make even more sustainable and environmental choices in the production of raw materials without compromising on quality, aesthetics and functionality.

Warm Nordic focuses on ensuring that our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and other responsible sources, which is why a growing number of our furniture is FSC® certified (FSC® N0002990). We are also members of FSC Denmark, who works to promote FSC in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a global non-profit organisation that works to promote environmental, social and economic sustainable use of the world’s forests. When you choose FSC-certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests. The FSC label is also your guarantee that animals and plants are protected and that the people who work in the forest are trained, use proper safety equipment and get a fair salary.

Check out our FSC-certified products on our website.

We only use European wood, with the exception of teak, which we get from certified plantations dedicated to clear traceability and where replanting ensures a sustainable production. All wood has been legally purchased and harvested according to the EU’s Timber Regulation.

We have decided that all products containing MDF, chip board and plywood will in future be made according to the new TSCA rules that ensure low formaldehyde emissions.

All textiles for Warm Nordic’s upholstered furniture come from leading suppliers and most carry the EU Ecolabel, which guarantees an environment-friendly production. We only allow textiles produced in accordance with the REACH Regulation, which protects the environment and human health from the risks of chemical substances.

Concern for the environment, transition to sustainable energy and reduction of climate footprint are all natural parts of Warm Nordic’s core values.

Warm Nordic is a subsidiary of Danish Management Group, which, among other things, operates a sustainable energy consultancy (Danish Energy Management) and owns wind turbines and biogas plants. Warm Nordic is self-sufficient in green energy, and to reduce energy consumption at the consumers, all lighting is made for LED.

Warm Nordic aims to increase the share of reusable materials, when including the full product life cycle, and to use recycled materials and transform quality residuals from e.g. textile and skin into long-lasting designs when this creates both environmental and aesthetical value.

Warm Nordic mainly collaborates with European suppliers, because it is our ambition that products should be made close to home to reduce our environmental impact and CO2 emissions from transport. We will always strive to keep production local whenever the production facilities and economy allow us to realise our mission of providing reasonably priced sustainable quality design.