Lounge chair Hans Olsen, 1955
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Cognac leather
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Balloon lounge chair in bright setting
Designer Hans Olsen
Tekstil/Leather: Nubuck
Textile/Leather Colour: Brown
Composition: Nubuck leather
Design year: 1955
Assembly guide: Balloon
Dimensions in cm: W79 x D61 x H68
Colour: Cognac leather
Frame: Black Noir powder coated steel
Armrest: Oiled solid teak
Lightfastness: 5
Seating Height in cm: 37
Collection: Classic Collection
Balloon lounge chair illustration
The iconic Balloon lounge chair with its industrial look was the work of the highly acclaimed Danish architect, Hans Olsen, who designed the chair in the 1950s. The design of the lounge chair is raw, playful and embracing, appealing to the senses with exquisite nubuck, teak armrests and a light metal frame. Balloon will lend a touch of cosiness and lounge ambience to any area of the home, either alone or in the company of other furniture, whether modern or classic. The lounge chair does not take up much space, it is lovely to sit in and it will add a touch of sophistication to any living room, family room or study. In terms of craftsmanship, Balloon requires a huge degree of expertise. The nubuck is stretched over the frame and fastened to it at the back with laces – a beautiful detail. While the Balloon lounge chair has a raw, masculine look, there is also something feminine and charming about it.
Balloon lounge chair details
Hans Olsen
Hans Olsen’s (1919-1992) remarkable designs from the 1950s are vivid examples of the beautiful diversity of Danish Modernism. This Danish architect and industrial designer took on the classic virtues of the Academy of Fine Arts and the great master, Kaare Klint, but opted for a more playful and experimental approach to furniture design. Hans Olsen challenged contemporary production methods and much of his inspiration came from the opportunities offered by moulding wood.
Hans Olsen